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At Harbourside Kids Childcare Centre we believe that the greatest gift we can give our children is the love of learning. When children are in an environment that is nurturing and inspiring they are instilled with a sense of belonging and they feel confident to get involved, ask questions and explore. We provide children with opportunities to enhance their sense of themselves, work alongside others and develop a positive self worth. Each day we provide new and exciting experiences for children to explore and learn through play.

about bannerWe have a team of qualified teachers who work alongside children and their families to make sure that there is continuity of care between their home and the centre. We recognise that routines are important to young children, especially babies, so we work with each baby’s home routine – knowing that this is the best way to help babies feel safe and secure.

Auckland and particularly the North Shore is very diverse and we reflect this in our team of teachers; consisting of Chinese, Taiwanese, New Zealand, Fijian, Indian, Korean and Filipino teachers. The teachers and children enjoy learning about different cultural events and participating in different festivities in the local community.

The Ministry of Education reviewed Harbourside Kids Childcare Centre in April 2012 and we received a glowing report. “Children are comfortable with teachers and demonstrate a clear sense of belonging. Teachers work closely alongside children. They are caring and affectionate and quickly respond to children’s needs and requests”. They also recognised the valuable learning occurring; “Music and movement is a feature of the centre. Attractive and colourful wall displays are good evidence of children’s enjoyment of the programme and include contributions from families”.

We are located on Esmonde road; a convenient stop off on the way to the city and central to all areas of the North Shore. Parents are welcome to make use of our free and unlimited car park; many of our parents leave their car here for the day and catch the bus to the city.

We are currently offering part time enrolment which is perfect for families who only wish to enrol their children for a few hours each day to make the most of the early childhood educational experience.

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